Diamond Staging takes a three step approach to delivering WOW results.


  • Our Polishing Stage
  • Declutter your space
  • Organize and create a focal point
  • Complete cleaning service
  • Exterior commercial cleaning
First we revisit your current space and identify what works and what does not. We like to call this Our Polishing Stage. Trust us to maximize your budget while refining your look.


  • Our Design Stage
  • Fully immerses innovation and design
  • Strategize décor concepts with our clients
  • Capitalizes the space's character and individualism
  • Approaches design with emotion and life
Our Design Stage makes the most of what you have retooled and captures the essence of who you are. We combine potential with personality while keeping in mind functional use creating a place that inspires you every time you enter the room. Lifestyle is not something you earn but something you deserve. Take advantage of your best and allow us to do our best for you!


  • Our Revolutionary Stage
  • Permits us to be unrestricted
  • Empowers the miracle of creativeness to take place
  • This is what Diamond is all about; she glistens at every angle and sparkles from every perspective.
  • Being seen at your optimum for any occasion
  • Selling for maximum profits
  • Illuminate your character, greatness, and precious value to the world like a Diamond.
What we are known for the most! Our 180 degree turnaround result is known as Our Revolutionary Stage. This is where we completely transform your space into a utopia of excellence and perfection. Let the show begin with one word “breath-taking”, overwhelm your guests with awe and let the show end with a standing ovation.

Before & After

These are photos of a house that was on the market for 84 days without an offer.  After staging the house created by Designs by Deborah Barone and Diamond Staging by Bonita Smith, the house received an offer in less than two weeks.